Air Conditioning

We provide air conditioning equipment, both mobile and fixed, to meet a diverse range of commercial and domestic needs. World class manufacturers such as Toshiba are our nominated suppliers.

All our products combine innovative design with proven manufacturing excellence. Value for money and energy efficiency are always main priorities.

Split Air Conditioners


Split Air ConditionersThe higher output Honeywell HCL147E provides the perfect cool atmosphere in larger offices and commercial premises with a cooling capacity of 14,000 Btu/hr. Attractively styled, it is totally mobile and features simple to use controls that include a 24hr timer.

Makes use of thermostatic control and two speed fans to deliver a cooling range of between 21-32c. For those applications with longer runs between the indoor and outdoor units an optional 3 metre refrigerant is available. 2K heater as standard.

  • Dimensions WxHxD(cm) 43x67x29 (indoor unit)
  • 44x33x22(outdoor unit)
  • Weight (kg) 40 (indoor unit) 10 (outdoor unit)
  • Cooling Capacity (Btu/hr) 14000
  • Cooling Capacity (kW) 4.1
  • Refrigerant Line (m) 3 + (optional 3m)
  • Fuse Rating (A) 10
  • Water Tank Capacity n/a


Split Air Conditioner 2The Mr. Versatile of the Air Trembath manufactured product range, the MAC500 is a split air conditioner that can be used virtually anywhere. Its elegant styling belies a robust construction whilst its 100% effective cooling has found favour in offices, hospitals, portacabins, hospitality and computer suites alike and an optional fan box makes it suitable for industrial applications.

Easy to connect and disconnect flexible lines can be extended up to 35 metres enabling it to deliver 17,000 Btu/hr cooling capacity whatever the situation.

  • Dimensions WxHxD(cm) 105x90x38(indoor unit)
  • 57x54x41(outdoor unit)
  • Weight (kg) 95 (indoor unit) 23 (outdoor unit)
  • Cooling Capacity (Btu/hr) 17000
  • Cooling Capacity (kW) 5.0
  • Water Line 45mm diam x 5m length
  • Fuse Rating (A) 13
  • Water Tank Capacity (l) n/a

Electric Fans

Electric FanHV180

Available as either a 14" or 18" model this velocity fan features a powerful three speed motor for rapid cooling it can be tilted back to an air circulator position and has a maximum air flow of 3600cfm.

Pedestal FansDesk / Pedestal Fans

Specially chosen from the Honeywell range, four electric fans that give that instant feeling of comfort in a wide variety of applications.

Desk Fans Available in 9", 12" & 16" models each featuring a powerful three speed fan motor, On/Off oscillating control and an easily accessible air flow adjustment control.

Stand FanHV181

A high velocity stand in two sizes of 14" and 18" with a variable speed provided from a three speed motor. It's heavy duty stand makes it ideal for more rugged environments and it can also be titled back to an air circulator position.

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